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Alex and Allisyn graduated and are both teaching at St. Dominic High School.  Alex is in her 3rd year and Allisyn is in her 1st year. Thanks to Kids Chance, these kids are reaching their goals.

Thanks Again,


Joe and Kathy N.


My name is Courtney K. I was a recipient of the Kids’ Chance Scholarship from the Fall of 2016 to the Spring of 2018 when I graduated with my Bachelor of Science. I would first like to thank you for all of the financial assistance I received from this organization in my undergraduate studies. This scholarship, paired with an academic scholarship I was receiving, allowed me to graduate with my Bachelor’s of Science completely debt-free. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to attend a four-year college without the stress of wondering how I would afford it.


Courtney K.



Thank you so much for the generous scholarships. It is greatly appreciated and will go along way in my daughter’s quest to become an educator.


Joe and Kathy N.



I just wanted to take a moment to thank your committee for the scholarship each year for my daughter, Elizabeth K. My husband became even more disabled through a brain condition and multiple brain surgeries while she was in college. I don’t know what we would have done without this award. She graduated last week with honors and will be a 1st-grade teacher this coming school year. She’s teaching in the most impoverished district in Jacksonville with the hope of helping students like she once was, realize their dreams. Please let the committee know the impact this organization has had upon our family. It’s beyond words to try to explain.


Jodi C.


I am writing to thank you for your very generous $4,200 scholarship. I am appreciative that I had the opportunity to be selected as a recipient for the second year. The Kids’ Chance scholarship has greatly lightened my financial burden. Also, with this scholarship, as I play collegiate volleyball, participate in the work-study program at Benedictine University, and being a student with a full load of 18 credit hours each semester, it gives me the chance to focus on my studies, work, and volleyball. Your generosity continues to inspire me to serve and give back to the community. I know that one day I will be able to achieve my goals in order to help other students as you have helped me to achieve mine.


Kaitlyn E.


Good morning!

I know that you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have a son at Mizzou right now, and my youngest son will be starting college next fall!! I can’t even believe it! Thanks to all of you at Kids Chance, so many dreams are being fulfilled.

My oldest son graduated from Ole Miss in Spring 2019. Then, he went to Rhode Island to Officers Training for the Navy!! He is now living in Pensacola Florida and going to Aviation school for the Navy! My boy is actually getting his dream to come true, he’s becoming a Naval Aviator!! My husband would be SO proud of our boys, and SO grateful for people like you doing what you!


Thank you!

Beth H

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